Welcome to Natural Healing Alternative!

Welcome! Natural Healing Alternative will bring you a fresh approach to navigating through the numerous alternative healing options available but will also focus on personal experiences so we can learn from each other. EBooks will be available so you can learn more at you own pace, in your own time, as well as references so you can further research areas of interest.

Alternative healing methods have been around for thousands of years and have assisted people all around the globe. Alternative healing methods can either be an alternative to Western medicine or can be complimentary to it.

We want to bring people the kind of information that can help you prevent illness in the first place. Living a life full of quality health is what we are dedicated to and we want to bring alternative healers together from all around the world to keep you updated on the most recent developments in this emerging health field. Further, we want to hear from you about what has worked for you and how we can help each other along our health journey.

We will explore avenues for alternative healing and inner growth from multiple levels as well as show you how to take care of your own body before it gets sick.

We are dedicated to preventative healing to thwart off ill health before it creates disease in the body. Paul draws on the values and beliefs of mixed martial arts and uses mind set principles to make positive life changes. Carollyn has a Masters in Social Work, is a Reiki Master, a former fitness instructor and dedicated to preventative medicine.

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