Clean Living

Clean Living

We are interested in using non-toxic products in our home. Carollyn joined Neways International and has researched other companies as well as other people’s ideas. Carollyn became addicted to bi-carb soda mixed with white vinegar for all cleaning needs. Trust me it really works!! We also purchased a steamer to sanitize surfaces for healthy cleaning. We converted our bathroom with Neways products and other products that had as many natural ingredients as possible. We have became inspired after listening to Phillip Day (Credence Publications) talking about the entrenched scientific errors and unhealthy agendas which deliberately prevent the simple answers to killer diseases. Further, a family death and other close calls had us wanting to learn more about Cancer and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Clean living is about reducing the harmful chemicals in your house, reducing the impact these harmful ingredients have on our health and reducing the carbon foot print on our planet. The personal gains to this is the hope that living a natural existence will hopefully have a positive impact on our health, in mind, body and spirit.


  • Bi-carb soda and white vinegar: sprinkle bi-carb soda over your surface area, pour white vinegar into a spray bottle and the spray the vinegar over the bi-carb. Let the bi-carb fizz then wipe surface clean. For stubborn stain let fizz for longer or repeat steps. This process is great for cleaning shelves as well.
  • Use steam cleaner to sanitise toilet and bathroom surfaces, children’s toys, pet areas, kitchen surfaces, mattresses, and a steam mop to clean floors. Its much quicker than scrubbing and no harmful chemicals! You can also use tea tree oil, one teaspoon into a litre of water in a spray bottle, spray onto a cloth and wipe down children’s toys or areas that require an antibacterial once over like door knobs, bins and surface areas.
  • Purchase a clothes portable air dryer or use a clothes line to dry your clothes. Using a clothes dryer uses a lot of electricity and wears your clothes out.
  • To trap stale or mouldy smells, place some bi-carb in a container and leave in the room. Bi-carb is also great for pantries and fridges to remove odours, just place in a container and replace as needed.
  • To remove odour from carpets or rugs, sift bi-carb soda into a container, then sprinkle around the surface area. Wait a minimum of 30 mins or overnight if possible. Then vacuum up. If you want to add some fragrance, place 10 drop of your favourite essential oil to the bi-carb in the container then shake, then sprinkle over the surface area. Much cheaper than purchasing a carpet deodoriser from the supermarket, where in fact the main ingredient is bi-carb soda!!
  • Don’t like ironing? An alternative is adding a teaspoon of lavender essential oil into to a one litre spray bottle of water. Spray over clothes and watch the wrinkles fall away.

The great news about reducing your chemicals in your home, is it is actually cost effective. Now that is great news with the current cost of living! So how? Well, bi-carb soda and vinegar is really cheap and you can use no brand labels. Outlined below are great examples of products that most of us already have at home and how to best use them.

Here are few of my favourite natural alternative methods for cleaning:

  • Bicarb Soda – Is an alkaline and mild abrasive. It is a natural cleaning agent and when mixed with white vinegar cleans hard surfaces very efficiently.
  • White Vinegar – Is a mild acid and when mixed with bi-carb soda a chemical reaction occurs. I also use white vinegar to clean glass with a cloth, not newspaper…
  • Methylated Spirits – Is an alcohol solvent which removes pen marks. I also use methylated spirits on my cat flap to get rid of cats oil and dirt. I use it with cotton wool. Gets the cat flap really clean!
  • Lavender Oil (use pure essential oil) – When mixed with water it becomes a mild cleaner and deodoriser. It is effective on getting finger marks off walls and is a general light cleaner. It is also an effective air freshener and personal insect repellent. Just mix one teaspoon per litre of water.
  • Lemon Oil (use pure essential oil) – Is very good at keeping spiders and other insects at bay and also as a stain remover. To remove spider webs and to prevent new ones, put a pantyhose over the head of a broom, drop 2-4 drops of lemon oil over the broom head. Brush away the webs. Lemon rind can also be used.
  • Tea Tree Oil (use pure essential oil) –  Is useful as an anti-bacterial and getting sticky marks/labels off jars, etc.
  • Oil of Cloves (use pure essential oil) – Is a useful mould inhibitor and insecticide. To remove mould from walls, add a teaspoon of oil of cloves to a litre of water, spray on surface area, leave for 24 hours then with a brush, brush away the mould.
  • Unprocessed Wheat Bran – Used as a light abrasive and absorbent. When mixed with white vinegar and placed in a pair of pantyhose makes an effective cleaner for soft toys, fabric lounges and more
  • Tea – Tea contains tannic acid which cleans timber. Make up a teapot with 4 or 5 tea bags and pour into a bucket of boiling water. Mop the timber with pantyhose dipped in the tea.
  • Pantyhose – Mildly abrasive fibres that become more abrasive as they get wet.  It cuts through grease and grime. To make a pantyhose mitten, just wrap the pantyhose around your fingers and fold the open end over your finger tips to form a glove.  This is a very good dust lifter when used with lavender oil and water. 

Recommended Reference List – Companies/organisations

Phillip Day’s Credence Health group covers the very latest scientific findings in nutritional and metabolic techniques for reversing disease.

Neways International. Neways formulates and distributes its own products. Neways is internationally renewed for avoiding the use of potentially harmful ingredients, being environmentally sensitive and not being tested on animals. Neways has a range of products that include supplements, make up range, toiletries range, household products and more.

Shannon Lush is an Australian best-selling author who specializes in titles that simplify (or ‘demystify’) tasks such as cleaning and household management.


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