Welcome to Natural Healing Alternative!

Welcome! Natural Healing Alternative will bring you a fresh approach to navigating through the numerous alternative healing options available but will also focus on personal experiences so we can learn from each other. EBooks will be available so you can learn more at you own pace, in your own time, as well as references so you can further research areas of interest.

Alternative healing methods have been around for thousands of years and have assisted people all around the globe. Alternative healing methods can either be an alternative to Western medicine or can be complimentary to it.

We want to bring people the kind of information that can help you prevent illness in the first place. Living a life full of quality health is what we are dedicated to and we want to bring alternative healers together from all around the world to keep you updated on the most recent developments in this emerging health field. Further, we want to hear from you about what has worked for you and how we can help each other along our health journey.

We will explore avenues for alternative healing and inner growth from multiple levels as well as show you how to take care of your own body before it gets sick.

We are dedicated to preventative healing to thwart off ill health before it creates disease in the body. Paul draws on the values and beliefs of mixed martial arts and uses mind set principles to make positive life changes. Carollyn has a Masters in Social Work, is a Reiki Master, a former fitness instructor and dedicated to preventative medicine.

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Looking for an effective toothpaste without the chemicals? Have you tried Modere (Neways)? It is sugar-free, fluoride free, non-toxic, gentle and effective. Effectively cleans as natural peppermint oil delivers fresh breath.


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We are now with Modere

We have become affiliated with MODERE! We are excited to bring you clean products that are great for your health and the environment.

For those of you who live in Australia, you can purchase products and use our codes for extra benefits.

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Competition commences on Friday 4 July 2014 at 7am Australian EST.

Post will be put on Facebook page

Ultimate Guide To Healing

Ultimate Guide To Healing

Terms and Conditions:

– Must Like the post to be eligible to win ebook

– Must share the post to be eligible for bonus ebook

– Ebooks will be sent via email to winner and cannot be redeemed for cash

– Winner will be chosen by raffle system and name will be put on Facebook Page. Winner responsible for sending email address by personal messaged to admin of Sciatica and Back once the winner is announced

Click here for ebook information: www.naturalhealingalternative.com.au

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Check out our new webpage for our ebook


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Bonus Material When You Buy Our Ebook

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Buy our ebook and get these great bonus ebooks… Valued over $200; Yours FREE

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Get ready.. We are almost ready to LAUNCH

We are ready to launch our ebook.. It is only days away!

Large NHA ebook

In This Book You Will Discover…..
– Top tips on the best household healers and cleaner, best vitamins for your health, best aromatherapy oils, best exercises for your health, best stress relievers, best ways to combat insomnia and how to get a great nights sleep, reasons to grow organic foods, and so much more
– Home Remedies for some of the most common personal ailments like acne, back ache, asthma, eczema, constipation, cold and flu, stress, body odor, infections, cramps, PMS thrush, warts and 100’s more
– The secret methods of healing your doctor won’t tell you
– Why thousands of people never fully recover from illnesses, but why you will
– What I know that will have your mind, body and spirit working together to heal your body, mind and spirit
– Your doctor holds all the answers to your medical problem right? WRONG! Facts on what is best for you is in scattered through the book
– WARNING – Long term pharmaceutical medication could be doing more harm than good to your body. Could natural painkillers help?
– Are you sick of not being able to understand the ingredients in personal care products and household cleaners?
– Wouldn’t you rather use natural ingredients?
– The sneaky natural cleaning tips that the media never tell you about
– Give me one minute and I can tell you the two simple ingredients that will change the way you clean around your house; and it natural and safe
– The quick and easy ways to get sufficient nutrients into your body without having to take supplements… Because your eating healthy…right?
– The number one way to stimulate the body to release its own natural pain killers

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Top 5 Natural Stress Relievers

Silhouette of a young woman practicing yoga on the beach at sunset.Looking for simple and all natural ways to relax and reduce the negative effects of stress on your physical and emotional well being? Then try these five great natural stress relievers.

Chamomile Tea: Chamomile has amazing soothing properties and is a wonderful sleep aid so it is a great stress reliever to help you unwind and relax before bed. However, chamomile is not considered safe for women who are pregnant.

Aromatherapy Linen Spray: This is another great natural stress reliever. You simply spray your bed sheets with this light lavender sleeping spray that is made with lavender and a blend of other essential oils for a purely natural way to relax and relieve stress while helping you to get a good night’s sleep.

Aromatherapy Bath Products: Baths that include any variety of aromatherapy products can be great stress relievers as well. Not only do you enjoy the relaxation of a warm bath and a nice long soak, but by using a variety of oils or aromatic bath salts you can ease muscle tension, headaches, and sooth tired aching feet. Some great essential oils to try include lavender, chamomile; which is very soothing to the skin, sandalwood, and jasmine. These are great stress relievers to try at night as well since many of them can help you to relax enough that you can get to sleep easily.

Tai Chi: Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art. The movements in Tai Chi are very natural and fluid making it very relaxing and a great stress reliever. Practicing Tai Chi can also improve your mental clarity, your over all health condition, and according to recent studies by the UCLA Tai Chi can help you to sleep better as well.

Learn to Meditate: Much like Tai Chi, meditating can be an effective stress reliever. Helping you to become more focused and to calm your mind and spirit and to help you focus which an be a great stress reliever; especially when you use it through out the day. For example, if you are getting stressed at work you can meditate for a few moments at your desk, taking a few deep breaths and work past whatever the problem is that is stressing you out.

So there you go, five simple and natural stress relievers that can help you relax with no side effects to worry about.

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Ways to avoid depression

The factors that contribute to depression are well documented and well researched. Here are some studies that have uncovered some of the factors that contribute to the probability of people developing depression.


Any stressful environment or situation can lead to depression. It can be anything such as social stress, getting a job, relationship difficulties, worrying about money, staying up late, lifestyle out of control, pressures of school and getting good grades. Other events that could cause depression are: death, change of job, moving from one place to another; even the fear of the unknown can cause depression. The list is endless. While these events cannot be avoided, we must come up with an effective stress coping mechanism to be able to thrive even in stressful situations because they are never going to go away. Stressful situations just keep changing.

Drinking and Drugs

People who take drugs and alcohol are more prone to depression. When these substances are used at a young age, they can effect a person’s brain in negative ways. These substances help make the person feel good temporarily, but in most cases, people become addicted.

Drugs release dopamine in the pleasure center of the brain. Drugs can increase dopamine release anywhere from four to ten times. This unnatural high almost certainly leads to depression after the high goes away. This substance is the surest way to fry brain circuitry.

Drugs make a person depressed more than it makes him happy. This effect will spiral downward until the person doing drugs will want more and more of the substance to break the cycle of depression that follows each high and so the addiction is born.

Not Enough sleep

Studies show that up to 40 percent of adults do not get the proper amount of sleep per day.

Sleep is essential to a person’s health. During sleep, the body repairs itself and reorganizes thought. Lack of sleep contributes to a lack of coherence in brain waves. This scenario often leads to depression. Sleeping during the day and staying up late also interferes with the body’s natural rhythms. This can lead to a sense of depression.

Here are few ways on how to prevent depression:

* Sleep is a vital part of preventing depression. Balance your life with enough rest and exercise everyday. Most people require seven to eight hours of sleep per day.

* Keep some regularity in your life. Orgaize your activities so they can come at expected and regular times. If your weekly, daily or monthly routine is set then your body has time to get used to the activities. This will lead to a reduced chance for depression to set in.

* Don’t push yourself beyond your limits. Keep stress in check and try to avoid stressors if you can. If this can’t be done, then try to deal with the stressors in a manner that minimizes the damage it causes.

* Sunlight and exercise can help the brain to function a higher level. Make time to enjoy the sunlight and try to stay active in the daylight when possible.

* Keep away from alcohol and drugs. They may seem attractive, but all they really do is cause havoc in a person’s life.

* Eat healthy! Good eating habits and good health are important when keeping away from depression.

* Have fun every day. Nothing takes the load off of depression like some good old fun time. Social activities such as chatting, joining a support group sports, and other hobbies can do wonders towards healing a stressed out and busy mind.

Depression can be avoided and treated and it can be fun doing so. Follow the above mentioned tips for a brighter and happier disposition each day. You will look and feel better for it!

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carollyn and paul Thanks everyone for your support, we have gone past 6000 likes. Really appreciate your support. Paul and I just wanted to touch base and says thanks. Hope your enjoying the Facebook page and website. Keep posting :)

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What massage to choose?

life is what our thoughts make it

What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy is basically the manipulation of muscles, ligaments, tendons, skin, fascia, and joints in the body. Massage therapy has been around since the beginning of time.

The benefits of massage can help to alleviate pain and aid in physical maladies and day-to-day functioning. It also impacts mental and emotional wellbeing. Relaxation, awareness, anxiety, and depression can all be aided and eased with massage therapy.

Massage has been known to boosts the immune system, relaxes and reduces anxiety, alleviates pain, reduces blood pressure and heart rate, stimulates lesser used muscles, increases endorphins, aids physical rehabilitation, and improves circulation (blood and lymph).

There are many different techniques and therapies in the field of massage; below are some examples:

Swedish: Probably the most well known technique, and for good reason; it’s quite popular and great for relaxation.

Acupressure: is like acupuncture without the needles. It focuses on points on the body that are targeted and pressure applied to create a therapeutic effect.

Aromatherapy: consists of using pure essential oils for the healing benefits. These oils can be applied to the skin (with a carrier oil) or simply allowed to perfume the air via a burner.

Canadian Deep Tissue Massage: A technique that focuses on a muscle group working with the fibers of the muscle tissue to rejuvenate each level of muscle including deep tissue.

Deep Tissue Massage/Myotherapy: works to invigorate and stimulate the muscle issue on a deep level. It involves more intense manipulation and can provide tremendous benefits on many levels. Further it help release toxins from the body and it most popular with athletes and post workout.

Hot Stone Massage: Warm stones are used on the body with gentle pressure to provide a soothing, therapeutic sensation.

Infant Massage: Becoming more popular everyday, infant massage has been proven to help infants gain weight and speed development. It is taught to mothers as a way to bond with their babies.

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